Arizona AG questions Maricopa County elections official

Arizona Special Agent Roger Geisler of the state’s major-fraud unit, under the direction of Arizona Attorney General Mike Brnovich, has reportedly interrogated a Maricopa County election official, former County Recorder and current candidate for Arizona secretary of state, Adrian Fontes.

According to an audio recording obtained through MSBNC and reported by the Gateway Pundit, Special Agent Geisler can be heard questioning Fontes about the reported election fraud and irregularities that occurred in Maricopa County during the 2020 presidential election.

This investigation is a continuation of one that began in October, due to public pressure from concerned Arizonans who fear that their state’s election systems are woefully insecure in the wake of a damning forensic audit hearing of the 2020 presidential election.

Audit results revealed shocking election irregularities, including 17,322 duplicate ballots that surged after the election, 23,344 mail-in ballots from persons no longer living at their address, and more than 20,000 voters who voted via mail-in ballot despite the fact that they had moved elsewhere. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fraud in Arizona. The Arizona 2020 Election Audit Report also confirmed that there were over 700,000 total ballots with major issues, ranging from ghost voters to duplicates – all in a state where Joe Biden’s margin of victory was barely over 10,000 votes.

Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Ariz., has been a champion for election integrity in Arizona, and has spent months pressuring AG Brnovich to kick-start a serious investigation of the shocking reports of election fraud in the state, particularly in Maricopa County. This week, Rogers noted in a tweet posted to her account that it had been “55 days since the Arizona Senate gave the info to the Arizona AG.”

While the interrogation of former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes does not necessarily mean that he is the target of an official investigation, it certainly seems to indicate that the Attorney General’s office is beginning to look further into the staggering reports from the election audit.

The question is: Is this action enough? Sen. Rogers certainly doesn’t seem to think so, even responding to a tweet from Adrian Fontes on social media regarding voter integrity in which Fontes claimed that his experience and “knowledge and integrity” made him a great choice for future Secretary of State.

“You are OUT OF YOUR MIND if you think we will EVER let you near an election again in Arizona,” Rogers stated.

In the audio recording shared by the Gateway Pundit, Fontes claims that the stolen election is a “false narrative,” and that “you guys know this is bull****, and I’m really sorry that you have to do it [investigate it], but I’m happy to answer it.”

Additionally, Agent Geisler pressed Fontes on answering questions about voting tabulation, Fontes claimed that there was “no such thing as a voting machine in Arizona.” Unfortunately for Fontes, Dominion Voting System machines were used in the tabulation of paper ballots in Arizona, and the nature of the tabulation has been brought into question during the election audits that have been conducted.

Will AG Brnovich continue pushing forward with his thus-far tepid investigation of the election fraud in Arizona, or will he kick it into high gear and begin issuing subpoenas, as Wendy Rogers is hoping? What more evidence does the State of Arizona need to take the overwhelming reports of election fraud seriously? It remains to be seen just what it might take to spur a greater sense of urgency to investigate the matter further for Brnovich, but Fontes’ connection to the reports of election fraud in Maricopa must be cleared up before voters officially cast their own ballots for him in the 2022 race for the Office of Secretary of State.

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