Austria lifts Covid restrictions following massive protests for medical freedom

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer announced Wednesday that the country will lift the majority of Covid-19 restrictions following months of protests against the government’s freedom-restricting mandates and regulations.

“On March 5, the bulk of the restrictions that burden people so much will end,” Nehhamer confirmed during the press conference in Vienna.

In the upcoming days, proof of vaccination or recent recovery will not be required to attend events, restaurants, bars, and other activities. However, proof of a negative Covid test will still be needed. Traveling regulations will also shift as a negative test will now suffice.

Along with a negative test, facemasks will be required in specific areas such as retail stores and hospitals.

Despite the government’s effort to grant the people their civil liberties back, officials postponed a decision on the country’s contentious vaccine mandate. Nehammer said a commission will be set up to discuss the order.

Since last November, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Vienna chanting “Resistance!” against Austria’s tyrannical nationwide lockdown and vaccine mandate.

Most recently, protesters gathered in January holding fiery torches and flares to protest the forced vaccination of the whole adult population starting Feb.1. Austria has been the first country in Europe to demand such a strict mandate.

Austria joins multiple countries that relaxed many Covid-related restrictions after enormous blowback from civilians.

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