CNN+ is shutting down after failed streaming service experiment

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CNN announced on Thursday that its brand new streaming service, CNN+, will be shutting down at the end of April.

The decision made by recently-merged Warner Bros. Discovery comes after CNN+ failed to reach more than 10,000 daily viewers, New York Post reported.

According to Saagar Enjeti, the company spent over $100 million on the now-defunct streaming service. While the company expected CNN+ to be an enormous success, the streaming service only managed to survive one month before being shut down by executives at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav announced Thursday that the company plans on developing a single streaming platform for all of its content. In the meantime, however, CNN+ will be shutting down on April 30.

CNN has been plagued with scandals throughout the past year, leading to the resignation of former CEO Jeff Zucker and the indefinite suspension of news anchor Chris Cuomo.

While CNN has been dealing with massive scandals, its audience has fled the network. A January report showed that CNN had lost up to 80 percent of viewership in the past year alone.

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