Democrats grow fearful as PA voter registrations turn red

The Democrat Party is growing fearful as major counties in Pennsylvania become increasingly Republican ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. Voter registration data suggests Pennsylvania voters are breaking up with the Democrat Party and joining the GOP in large numbers.

Bucks County, which makes up most of Pennsylvania’s first district and one of the largest counties in the state, has seen the greatest Democrat to Republican voter registration flip in the state.

The county has historically tended to favor the Democrat Party in recent presidential elections. Obama, Hillary, and Biden have won the county. However, a new GOP wave in the blue-leaning county has the potential to boost Republican victories in Bucks.

Scott Presler, a Republican activist who works to register voters, revealed on Monday, “Out of all 67 counties, the county w/ the highest number of Blue to Red voter registration flips (118) is Bucks,” he said, boasting a “net gain of 236” Republican voters.

According to Pennsylvania Department of State voter statistics, Bucks County’s GOP gained a total of 118 previous Democrat voters in the last weeks of December. However, throughout the year, the GOP gained a whopping 1,672 previous Democrat voters in the county.

The Republican Party also saw major victories last November in the municipal election in Bucks as voters handed five of the nine-county row offices to Republicans.

Voters interviewed at the polls claimed to be voting Republican down-ballot to send a strong message to Joe Biden and the Democrat elite in Washington D.C.

“I’m out here to support the Republican Party,” Susan DelMoore, a Buckingham resident, said. “We need to send a message to Washington. Joe Biden is weak. Kamala Harris is weak. Critical race theory is going to bring them both down.”

Both Bucks County Commissioner Chairwoman Diane Ellis-Marseglia and Vice Chairman Bob Harvie insisted that the Democrats’ losses at the polls had to do with the state of the nation and little to do with local politics.

Local Democrats began to sound alarms, warning party members of the threatening GOP wave across the county as concerned parents filed school board meetings over masks mandates and anti-white CRT being taught in public schools.

“This is a bell we need to pay attention to. This is something going on across the country,” said Patrice Tisdale, a Democrat who lost her magisterial district judge race against a Republican candidate. “The Democrats can’t keep doing politics as usual.”

Outside of Bucks County, Republicans also have won massive victories across the statewide races in Pennsylvania.

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