Elon Musk activates Starlink terminals to boost internet in Ukraine

In a tweet on Saturday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his Starlink service is active in Ukraine, with more terminals on the way as the country continues to face the onslaught of Russia’s invasion.

Elon Musk promptly responded to Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov’s request for Starlink stations in Ukraine.

Fedorov tweeted, “@elonmusk, while you try to colonize Mars — Russia try to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets successfully land from space — Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people!” He added, “We ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and to address sane Russians to stand.”

Elon Musk responded to Fedorov’s plea for help, stating, “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.”

According to Fox News, Starlink uses a network of 2,000 satellites that can provide high-speed internet in connection with terminals worldwide. With Ukraine facing cyberattacks and internet disruption, the deployment of Starlink to Ukraine will provide the country with continued access to the internet.

While Musk aids Ukraine’s efforts to maintain its infrastructure, President Donald Trump addressed Ukraine’s “horrific disaster.”

During his speech at CPAC, Trump blamed the Biden administration’s “weak” leadership for Russia’s invasion. He warned, “A major war in Europe may very well erupt…this is how they start.” The 45th president also stated, “It’s an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur.”

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