Eric Swalwell goes maskless in Florida despite supporting Covid-19 mandates

Another Democrat politician was spotted vacationing maskless in the mandate-free state of Florida. Meanwhile, his constituents remain restricted by heavy Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., was photographed lounging in the lobby of the lavish oceanfront Loews Miami Beach Hotel with his infant son while speaking to a woman he referred to as a “Congolese queen.”

An alleged eye-witness told the Daily Mail that another guest sarcastically told the congressman “nice to see you in Miami,” to which Swalwell replied, “thank you.”

Swalwell was apparently left speechless when the guest asked him why he wasn’t wearing a mask.

Swalwell’s Hypocrisy

Last week, Swalwell tweeted that “Republican liars” were prolonging the “deadly pandemic,” inferring that people needed to wear “masks everywhere” because of conservatives spreading the virus.

However, the California Democrat violated his own preachings and his home state’s rules that require everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors.

While Swalwell has been quick to criticize people for not wearing a mask or for being unvaccinated, he did not appear to mind abandoning his mask while vacationing in the Sunshine State, which banned unconstitutional Covid-19 restrictions.

Swalwell tweeted in response to the photographs released by the Daily Mail, writing that they caught him maskless while he was “juggling a baby and a coffee while meeting with a Congolese queen.”

His office also reportedly told the Daily Mail on Wednesday that Swalwell was in Florida meeting and campaigning with Democrats for this year’s midterms. It is unknown if the congressman actually met with anyone.

His office added that Swalwell “loves Florida,” and that he has “dozens of family members there,” and said reports he vacationed maskless were “lies from unvaccinated Republicans that are prolonging the pandemic.”

More Democrats Abandon Their Own Covid Rules

Swalwell is not the only blue-state politician to be caught maskless recently in Florida.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was seen without a mask while partying at a packed drag queen brunch in Miami. Most of the guests were maskless, according to images from the drag brunch.

In Ocasio-Cortez’s hometown of New York City, her constituents are required to show proof if vaccination to use any indoor facilities, including dining. The Big Apple also recommended that everyone wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.

Ocasio-Cortez previously said she would continue to wear a mask, even though she was vaccinated. However, she has evidently disregarded her previous comments.

Like Swalwell, Ocasio-Cortez projected blame on Republicans who called out her hypocrisy. However, she bizarrely tweeted the Republicans who called out her hypocrisy were mad they couldn’t date her and were “projecting their sexual frustrations” onto her boyfriend’s feet.

Gov. DeSantis Responds

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis commented that he keeps seeing Florida-bashing Democrat politicians from lockdown states keep traveling to the Sunshine State for vacations.

“If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man, let me tell you,” said DeSantis.

“It’s interesting the reception that some of these folks will get in Florida, because I think a lot of Floridians say ‘Wait a minute, you’re bashing us because we’re not doing your draconian policies, and yet we’re the first place you want to flee to, to basically be able to enjoy life,'” he added.

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