Glenn Youngkin LEADS in latest poll against McAuliffe as Virginia governor’s race comes to an end

Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is currently leading in the latest Virginia gubernatorial race poll against Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe one day before the election.

According to the FiveThirtyEight poll, Youngkin is polling higher than McAuliffe by a slight margin of one point. The poll currently shows Youngkin at 47.8% and McAuliffe at 46.8%.

FiveThirtyEight shows Glenn Youngkin leading in the latest poll

Similarly, Youngkin has been ranking higher in various other polls in the days leading up to the much-awaited election day, after ranking below his challenger for most of the race.

The latest poll released over the weekend by Fox News showed Youngkin’s rating among likely voters at 53 percent, an eight-point advantage, compared to McAuliffe at 45 percent. The surprising twist comes as earlier this month, McAuliffe was leading by five points.

Although McAuliffe has carried chiefly the advantage among registered voters, the poll now has Youngkin leading by one point at 48 percent.

The Insider Advantage poll further has Youngkin leading the nail-biting race with 47 percent and McAuliffe at 45 percent.

Democrat candidate McAuliffe was favored to win the election. Still, his comments that parents should not be telling schools what they should teach after it was revealed that Virginian schools were assigning students sexually explicit pornographic reading materials started the downfall in the polls.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, who endorsed Youngkin in May, predicted Youngkin’s victory as long as his base hits the polls.

“If my base turns out, he’s going to win,” Trump said, urging his followers to vote for Youngkin during a Fox News interview. “I hope they turn out; I really want them to turn out.”

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