Jim Jordan: Trump ‘is going to run and he’s going to win in 2024’

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said Friday in an address on Capitol Hill that Democrats are afraid that President Donald Trump is “going to run and he’s going to win in 2024.”

Jordan, a strong supporter of President Trump, also ripped Congress for ignoring the needs of the American people by obsessing over bills that were designed to attack Trump. “Maybe instead of having another bill that attacks President Trump…we should actually focus on things that the American people care about,” Jordan said. 

The congressman also made glowing remarks about President Trump in March. In an interview shared with Breitbart News, Jordan said that he hoped Trump would be reelected to the office of presidency in 2024. “He’s the leader of the conservative movement,” Jordan stated. “He’s the leader of the American first movement, and he is the leader of the Republican Party.” 

Additionally, Jordan slammed Democrat lawmakers on Friday for focusing on President Trump as the source of the nation’s troubles, but pointed out that one year ago when Trump was in office, America was a lot better off.

He said, “You can attack President Trump all you want. I know one thing: a year ago, the border was secure. Sure was. A year ago, cities were safe – safer than they are today. A year ago, we didn’t have 31-year-high inflation…a year ago, we didn’t have a Department of Justice attacking moms and dads…and putting a threat tag on parents who simply go to school board meetings.”

Americans today are burdened by a sluggish economy, a supply chain crisis, record-level inflation, and a chaotic, unsecured southern border. Add to that the humiliation of Biden’s botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. troops. Americans are likely wondering when this downward spiral will stop. 

Rep. Jordan also addressed the massive spending bills that the Democrats have pushed through Congress, such as the infrastructure bill, as well as Biden’s desperate move last week to raise the debt ceiling, avoiding default for one more month, according to a report from The Hill.

Jordan posted his thoughts on Twitter, “Everything seems more expensive under the Biden administration than under the Trump Administration. More government spending won’t help that. It’ll make it all worse.”

If Jordan is correct in his prediction that President Trump will not only run for reelection in 2024 but win, Americans everywhere will potentially be in for a radical administrative change in 2025 and a return to America First policies. 

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