Kari Lake gives update on elections appeal, reveals what’s next

2K5PMPE Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona Kari Lake, endorsed by former U.S. President Donald Trump, speaks on stage, before a rally ahead of the midterm elections in Mesa, Arizona, U.S., October 9, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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Arizona Republican Kari Lake updated her supporters on what may come next following one of her legal challenges over the Copper State’s botched gubernatorial election that was heard by the Arizona Appellate Court on Thursday.

Lake tweeted that the three-judge panel of state senators “could issue a ruling, or if they have questions, they could ask for supplemental briefing or bring in attorneys for oral argument.”

“Our expectation is the panel will move this case quickly,” added Lake.

Lake’s updates come after election integrity groups testified to a panel of state senators from Arizona’s Court of Appeals this week that the state’s elections last fall were ripe with discrepancies and voter suppression of Republicans in 2022.

Shelby Busch, co-founder of We the People AZ, and Heather Honey of Verify Vote testified that their teams found election law violations in five categories, including that 8,000 people were unable to vote on Election Day, and 300,000 ballots were placed in drop boxes and counted without any chain of custody.

Busch also testified that voter records were changed electronically by leftist nonprofit groups, an occurrence made possible by then-Sec. of State Katie Hobbs, D-Ariz., who green-lit a program allowing nonprofits to access and change voter information.

Hobbs, who narrowly defeated Lake in November, presided over her own gubernatorial election and promised to file charges against any election official who dared to challenge her self-proclaimed victory.

She then swiftly certified herself the winner of her own election in December.

Lake has filed multiple legal challenges against the state’s election results, particularly Maricopa County, of which 60 percent of their voting machines experienced issues on Election Day, effectively suppressing in-person votes for Republicans.

Statewide, 70 locations experienced issues with machines on Election Day, 61 of which were in areas favoring Republicans.

Lake tweeted a heat map on Wednesday, comparing the locations for in-person Republicans with the locations for which voter discrepancies and polling failures occurred on Election Day.

Lake had also tweeted images of voters’ mismatching signatures on Jan. 23, which caused newly-elected Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Adrian Fontes to demand the state attorney general to investigate and charge her with a felony.

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