Kari Lake has EPIC debate with Piers Morgan, stands her ground on fighting for Arizona’s elections

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake threw down the gauntlet during an interview with Piers Morgan this week, defending her fight for election integrity in the great state of Arizona after a chaotic 2022 midterm battle.

Lake has been fighting Maricopa County election officials and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (also Lake’s Democrat opponent) since last year, following messy and malfunctioning voting processes on Election Day.

Morgan attempted to take a swipe at Kari’s battle for election security, commenting, “There does come a point when, for the future of democracy, you and Donald Trump have to accept, at some point, you lost an election. Otherwise, the entire system collapses. If your simple response to losing is always, ‘We didn’t lose, we won,’ then democracy dies.”  

Lake allegedly “lost” by a mere 17,117 votes in Arizona’s gubernatorial election, but hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots were potentially cast in the election. For example, RSBN previously reported that nearly 300,000 ballots in Maricopa County did not have proper chain of custody documentation. Further, 70 locations in Arizona experienced voting machine problems on Election Day.

The discrepancies related to the alleged illegality of hundreds of thousands of ballots far outweigh the pitifully slim margin of “victory” for Katie Hobbs in the Grand Canyon State.

Lake countered Morgan’s point: “Piers, I grew up in a family of nine, I’m the youngest. My father was a history and government teacher and a football coach. And he taught us that if we lose, and we lose fair and square, we congratulate the winner and we walk away. And that is exactly what I would do if that was a fair and square election. But I’m fighting for the people of Arizona – I go all over this country. I’ve been, probably, to six states since the election. In Arizona I can’t walk ten feet without an Arizonan saying, ‘I voted for you, everybody I know voted for you, our ballot was rejected on Election Day, please keep fighting for us.’”

“I’m fighting for the people of Arizona,” she added, “and I don’t mean any offense to you, but I frankly don’t give a damn what you think about it. I’m fighting for the people of Arizona, I truly am.”

To his credit, Morgan responded, “No offense taken whatsoever.”

Via RSBN, Lake is currently fighting the problems in Maricopa County in a lawsuit that is in the hands of the Arizona Appellate Court. Lake previously stated that she expected the court to “move this case quickly.”

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