Kari Lake is confident she will WIN, promises to clean up ‘shoddy elections that are run by imbeciles’

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Arizona’s Republican nominee for governor, Kari Lake, ripped the disastrously incompetent election processes in the Grand Canyon State, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson that one of the reasons she would win her election was because voters were ready for a change in the election system.

“One of the reasons that I will win is the voters in Arizona are tired of shoddy elections that are run by imbeciles,” she said. “And that’s going to change.”

She noted that the “incompetent” Maricopa County election officials were actively “dragging their feet in delivering what everybody wants to know.”

Lake added that they were waiting on about 650,000 more votes out of Maricopa on Thursday, likely to swing very heavily toward Kari Lake.

In terms of what her plans were for Friday, Lake said, “We’re going to wait for the votes to come in, and we think they’re going to really start going heavily our way. We’ll see what happens from there. We do feel very confident, I have 100 percent confidence that we win this. So I am sleeping well, we know how things work in Maricopa County, and we will wait.”

Lake added, “When you are trying to work through corruption at high levels, incompetence at high levels, you gotta dig through and get to the other side of that. And when we get to the other side of this and win, that’s when we will start to make sure we will root out all corruption in our government and all incompetence. We don’t want incompetent people in our government anymore.”

On Thursday morning, Lake also appeared on the Blaze TV show, “Louder with Crowder,” revealing that more than 384,000 mail-in ballots had been dropped off on Election Day, preceding the pending Maricopa County drop.

“These ballots are overwhelmingly in support of @KariLake & not a single one of them has been counted yet,” stated the Kari Lake War Room on Twitter regarding those votes.

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