Kari Lake remains steadfastly loyal to MAGA, would ‘never’ dump Trump

2K5R75J Former U.S. President Donald Trump poses with Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona Kari Lake on stage during a rally ahead of the midterm elections, in Mesa, Arizona, U.S., October 9, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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Spitfire GOP gubernatorial nominee of Arizona, Kari Lake, hit back at a report from the Washington Examiner on Thursday, putting to rest a suggestion from political consultant Lorna Romero that she should distance herself from Trump to gain political power.

“Never,” Lake wrote simply on Twitter.

Per the Washington Examiner, Romero made the comment that, “She [Lake] has the name ID, she has the skill and talent to do something, so it’s just a question of who she decides to associate herself with moving forward. If it’s the Trump camp and the Trump advisers who have led her down the path where she is now, I don’t see too much success in the future for her, especially in this shifting political nature in Arizona.”

Post-midterms, there have been calls all on both sides of the aisle to abandon President Trump, especially since the 45th president launched his official 2024 presidential bid on Tuesday. Kari Lake, however, is not falling for it.

Lake has been busy in Arizona since the midterms, assembling a legal team and collecting evidence after a catastrophically error-filled election in the Grand Canyon State. Per RSBN, evidence of widespread voter disenfranchisement has begun to roll in since the legacy media has attempted to call the race for Lake’s Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs.

In fact, new data from Rasmussen Reports indicated on Thursday that 48 percent of Maricopa County election centers experienced printer or tabulation problems on Election Day, eclipsing the previous estimates of 20 to 30 percent of machines.

According to Lake, nearly half of all polling places experienced problems on Election Day with voting tabulators and print, as reported by RSBN.

Lake led a strong grassroots ground game campaign for governor in Arizona, and she soared to unprecedented popularity with her graceful but tough approach to handling the mainstream media.

She stated this week that her “resolve to fight for you [Arizonans] is higher than ever” in her quest to ensure that the incompetent election problems that gummed up polling places during the midterms are rectified.

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