Lead prosecutors in Manhattan DA’s inquiry into Trump have resigned

Two leading prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into President Trump’s finances have resigned.

New York Times first broke the news Wednesday, reporting the sudden exit of Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressed doubts about moving forward with the probe.

For years, the Manhattan DA’s office has been investigating Trump and his organization, accusing them of inflating the value of their assets to defraud banks. Braggs inherited the investigation from former District Attorney Cyrus Vance, a staunch critic of the 45th president.

Braggs decision to possibly discontinue the investigation has been unexpected after vigorously pledging to continue the case before taking office in December.

Simultaneously, New York Attorney General Letitia James, a radical Democrat, is conducting a similar probe into the Trump organization. Trump has continuously bashed James’ efforts as a political “witch hunt.”

Most recently, Trump filed a lawsuit against James to halt the probe by arguing, “Her mission is guided solely by political animus and a desire to harass, intimidate, and retaliate against a private citizen who she views as a political opponent,” according to the suit.

Nonetheless, both probes into Trump’s finances have been ongoing for years, with no evidence to support the baseless accusations issued by Vance and James. Trump has firmly denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

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Scott Savary February 23, 2022 - 8:05 pm
I bet a lot of people are going to resign and retire, they will just fade away to keep from getting caught up in all this Durham stuff coming out
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