‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ song hits #1 on iTunes charts

“Let’s Go Brandon!” chants made it the music industry this weekend after viral videos showed football fans, bar patrons, and even airplane travelers across America chanting the popular anti-Biden phrase.

Rapper Loza Alexandar went viral on TikTok after making the hip-hop song “Let’s Go Brandon!” which topped the iTunes charts shortly after and became #1 in the genre.

The phrase spread like wildfire among anti-Biden Americans after NBC reporter Kelli Stavast mistook the vulgar chant “F— Joe Biden” for “Let’s Go Brandon!” after NASCAR race driver Brandon Brown won Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway championship. The interview quickly went viral on social media.

Unintentionally, Stavast made it easier for conservatives to use a phrase with less vulgarity than the original version, but has the same meaning, which catapulted its popularity.

Now that the phrase has become mainstream enough to make a hip-hop song about, perhaps it will be something Americans from any political background can unite over against the Biden administration.

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