Mike Crispi announces bid for New Jersey’s 4th congressional district

Mike Crispi, businessman and America First patriot, declared his candidacy for New Jersey’s 4th congressional district on Monday in a move that he says is “responding to President Donald Tump’s call for a challenge to 40 year liberal Republican Congressman Chris Smith.”

Crispi, who hosts his conservative talk show “Red White and Truth” on RSBN, has been a longtime supporter of President Donald J. Trump since he attended his first rally in 2015. He describes himself as a strong proponent of the America First agenda as well as the Right to Life.

Challenging the “anti-America Left and the corrupt establishment in Washington, he explained in a press release that he aims to defeat RINO Rep. Chris Smith because of “his vote for Joe Biden’s trillion dollar Build Back Better infrastructure scam, an endless continuation of the January 6 witch-hunt, and a national COVID vaccine registry which will be used to spy on Americans and violate their privacy rights in an unprecedented, egregious manner.”

Vowing to return New Jersey to the people, Crispi affirmed, “The time to make our stand against this tyranny is now.”

Crispi has already been endorsed by political strategist and Trump ally Roger Stone who gave a glowing endorsement.

“I am confident that Mike Crispi will be able to raise the financial resources to mount a vigorous challenge and provide a stark comparison to swamp creature Chris Smith, who after serving in Washington for 40 years would have trouble finding New Jersey on a map,” said Stone.

The conservative commentator plans to compete for those resources that could guarantee his victory by attending the Ocean and Monmouth Republican organizations in their 2022 county conventions.

“Lincoln said it best: We need an America ‘of, by, and for the people’ — not the Washington elite. Enough is enough. We must continue to drain this swamp and save this country,” Crispi remarked.

Learn more about Mike Crispi’s campaign at https://mikecrispi.com.

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