Mike Lindell says California was the #1 target of election fraud, 1 MILLION votes stolen

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell just revealed bombshell news on Saturday that California had the most voter fraud in the nation.

Speaking with RSBN outside of President Trump’s rally in Michigan, Lindell claimed that 1.5 million votes were switched from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden in California during the 2020 election.

Texas had the second-largest amount of voter fraud with 960,000 votes stolen from President Trump, according to the MyPillow CEO.

This news will be welcomed by many Trump voters who have long thought that voter fraud swept the Golden State for Joe Biden.

The Democrats’ blue wave in California in 2020 raised eyebrows after the state experienced several massive pro-freedom rallies amid the tyrannical Covid lockdowns. Americans in several southern California cities like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, and San Diego began holding anti-Democrat protests in a movement that appeared to only be gaining momentum.

Then, the results of the 2020 election went blue and it wasn’t even close. California Republicans quickly blamed mail-in ballots and the state’s unlawful Covid election practices. But, their concerns fell on deaf ears.

Despite their cries of fraud in the November election, the state was written off as unsalvageable because of its history of corruption and Democrat-entrenched politics.

Lindell reviving the matter could lead to renewed calls for election integrity in the Golden State.

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Jim Vaeth April 2, 2022 - 1:09 pm
Go get ‘em. More power to you!! I like your direct approach.
Sharolynn April 2, 2022 - 1:11 pm
We Californians knew there was fraud and we had an opportunity to right this ship with the Grass roots impeachment of Governor Newsom effort that was gaining steam. But the Republican National Committee had written us off and didn’t jump in with needed supportive funds for marketing the underlying message of the impeachment when we had the momentum rising. We had Newsom shaking in his boots. I fear that’s as close as we will get to turn this blue ship around for awhile.
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