New election integrity group launches ahead of the November midterms

2C62GW6 Austin, TX USA July 6, 2020: A 65-year old Texan receives a mail-in ballot from the Travis County Clerk's office for a July runoff election that will determine November main election matchups. Allegations of voter fraud regarding mail-in ballots continue to swirl in Texas even though no evidence supports any widespread fraud. Credit: Bob Daemmrich/Alamy Live News

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As Americans prepare to head to the polls and vote in the midterm elections, a new election integrity group is equipped to ensure “transparent, accurate, and fair elections.”

Voter Reference Foundation, which operates under “Restoration of America,” was formed to ensure “transparent, accurate and fair elections in the United States of America,” according to a press release.

The foundation is operated by former election officials “who understand the data and process” and aims to provide voters with public access to government data on elections and increase voter turnout in all 50 states.

Along with the new election integrity group, the website also launched as “the first large-scale effort in U.S. history to publish public voter rolls for all 50 states.”

“Our country is headed down a dark path and we need to stand in the breach and fight back,” founder Doug Truax said via a June press release. “Organizing our groups ahead of the November midterms is part of that strategy.”

As the midterm elections continue, states have increased voter security measures to minimize election fraud.

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson recently signed House Bill 1878 requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, as previously reported. Failure to provide proper proof of identification will cause voters to cast a provisional ballot under certain conditions.

Other states have enacted similar provisions to tighten up election security.

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