New poll finds New Hampshire would pick Trump over Biden in 2024 matchup

A new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group discovered that New Hampshire voters would choose President Trump over Joe Biden in a 2024 matchup.

This recent poll suggests that the 45th president’s chances of winning the 2024 election are quite strong if he chooses to launch another presidential campaign.

In a state that voted for Joe Biden 52.9 percent to 45.5 percent in 2020, Trump appears to have already gained ground for the 2024 election. If New Hampshire voted Republican in a presidential election, it would be a major blow for Democrats. Despite New Hampshire only having four electoral votes, if the state turned red in 2024, it could signal a major change in the nation.

Since 2004, New Hampshire has consistently voted for the Democrat candidate in every presidential election. However, if the Trafalgar Group’s latest poll is any indication of what 2024 could be like, Republicans could have a legitimate chance of winning in New Hampshire.

The Trafalgar Group’s latest poll has Trump ahead of Biden by about two percent, giving him a slim margin over Joe Biden. In the same poll, Trump was also two percentage points ahead of Kamala Harris. This poll is significant, since Trump only trailed Biden by about 60,000 votes in New Hampshire in the 2020 election.

Trafalgar’s shocking poll could be the result of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ devastating approval ratings over the past several months.

In November, Biden’s approval rating fell to a low of 38 percent and has remained low in recent polls. Kamala Harris has polled even worse, leading Democrats concerned about the next presidential election. At 79-years-old, many Democrats have called for Joe Biden to drop out of a potential 2024 election and allow another candidate to run. However, the White House has still indicated that Biden plans to run in 2024.

If Joe Biden runs for reelection in 2024, he could potentially face a rematch with Trump, who has not yet officially announced his intention to run. Momentum already appears to be on the side of Republicans, who currently enjoy about a 10-point margin over Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

The New Hampshire poll combined with flailing approval ratings for the Biden-Harris administration indicates President Trump has a serious advantage in 2024 if he launches another campaign.

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