President Trump discusses the ‘laptop from hell’ with RSBN’s Brian Glenn

President Donald J. Trump discussed the scandal of the Hunter Biden laptop on Saturday night during a pre-rally interview with RSBN’s own Brian Glenn in Washington Township, Michigan.

Glenn asked the 45th president what he thought should happen with the laptop, which was seized by the FBI in 2019 and contains heavily scrutinized material, ranging from emails and photos to videos on the hard drive that catalogue Hunter’s dubious business dealings and relationships.

“Well, it’s a very corrupt media, they knew all about it,” President Trump stated during the interview. “It wasn’t Russia, Russia, Russia – they were blaming Russia for the laptop. Even I said, ‘that’s a big one, that’s a step too far.’ And now the New York Times just came out – and others – saying, really they’re saying they deceived the public.”

During Trump’s campaign for reelection in 2020, the mainstream media firmly avoided the subject until after November. “They waited,” President Trump pointed out. “It meant 17 points in the election – 17 points more we would have gotten on the rigged election. It was just additional rigging if you think about it.”  

Interestingly, if Republicans retake the House in 2022 – which is very likely, given the momentum of the GOP platform at the moment and the sheer number of Democrats retiring or choosing not to run for reelection – Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has revealed that a potential GOP House would begin an official investigation of the laptop as soon as possible.

This would be especially impactful in light of emails that detail Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine, which reportedly enriched the Biden family’s coffers by millions of dollars.

Trump continued in his interview with RSBN, “The New York Times essentially admitted that they knew, and they admitted that it was false. And also, our intelligence – I guess we had 51…so-called intelligence people…they’re a bunch of liars and they should be ashamed of themselves.”  

As always, Trump’s comments on the subject provided some clarity into his position on the situation, but he added a nice dose of optimism and hope to temper the scandal of the Biden laptop.

“But you know what?” he remarked. “We’re gonna do something very special and this country’s gonna be stronger than ever before. We’ve never had a worse period of time, but I think we’re going to have a great period of time.”

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