President Trump Shouts Out RSBN At Florida Rally

President Donald Trump showed gratitude towards RSBN with a huge shoutout during his July 3 Save America rally in Sarasota, Fla. 

“I also want to thank a group. It’s called Right Side Broadcasting Network, for their longtime coverage of our incredible movement,” Trump said. 

Trump’s shoutout came just one day after YouTube’s suspension of RSBN.

“They got banned. But they don’t give a damn,” President Trump continued. “They’re out there, they’re fighters, they have been so great.” 

Trump’s shoutout was the first that he has given to RSBN during one of his many speeches over the past five years.

RSBN is honored and proud to continue providing full coverage for all of Donald Trump’s upcoming rallies and events. We want to thank all of our supporters and fans who have stood by us through the years!

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