President Trump to host MEGA MAGA fundraiser at Winter White House

Set to be their biggest fundraiser to date, President Donald J. Trump’s “Make America Great Again, Again” super PAC is hosting a ritzy event at the Mar-a-Lago on Thursday and top GOP donors from across the country are all expected to attend.

“This will be key to further taking on the RINOs in the GOP,” conservative commentator Jacob Palmieri said of the event.

The MAGAA super PAC is being led by former Florida AG Pam Bondi, who is assuredly playing a large role in the planning for the Dec. 2 event, along with newly appointed board members Rick Grenell and Matt Whitaker, both who previously served major roles in the Trump administration. 

More details about the exclusive fundraiser are scarce, but it will undoubtedly bolster President Trump’s burgeoning war chest for his expected 2024 presidential run, and to lend support for likeminded candidates at the state and national level. 

According to July 2021 filing, President Trump has over $100 million in cash on hash for the political battles ahead. 

The Mar-a-Lago resort, venue for many recent big ticket donor events, has carried on its nickname as the “Winter White House,” but primarily for conservatives who are tired with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and frustrated enough to make a pilgrimage and write a four digit check to support Joe Biden’s replacement.

Many such supporters traveled to see President Trump at Thanksgiving, which was held at the luxurious Florida property.

Though the ticket price for the MAGAA event has not been publicly released, a similar fundraiser is being held the following Tuesday, Dec. 7 for $1,000 a ticket.

That event has been arranged to bolster Trump-endorsed Florida congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna, running to fill gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

A more expensive comparable event to next week’s high-profile gathering is a fundraiser planned for February 2022 for U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, with the minimum contribution for attendance costing $2900, and those wanting a photo with 45 being required to bring in at least $25,000.

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