RELEASE: RSBN’s Total Viewership Nears 4 Million for Trump’s 2024 Announcement


November 16, 2022

RSBN’s Total Viewership Nears 4 Million for Trump’s 2024 Announcement

AUBURN, Ala. — Right Side Broadcasting Network announces total viewership numbers for President Trump’s 2024 announcement at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

RSBN received a cumulative total of just over 3.8 million views of Tuesday night’s livestream across all digital platforms, including Rumble, YouTube, GETTR, Facebook, Twitter, and RSBN’s app and website. This number was calculated roughly 12 hours after the event’s conclusion.

Notably, about 2.5 million of the total views occurred on Rumble alone.

Our ratings for President Trump’s highly anticipated announcement signal an incredible level of continued momentum for the America First movement.

As the 45th president gears up to again take the political world by storm, RSBN will continue to broadcast announcements, rallies, and other key events in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.


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