Report: Several House races shift toward Republicans

Voting booths stand ready for use in a U.S. election.

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A recent report by the University of Virginia Center for Politics revealed significant gains for the Republican Party in the upcoming midterm elections, where Republicans seek to take control of the legislature.

The report published Thursday announced 10 House rating changes in several congressional races across the country that predominantly benefit Republicans.

Initially, the Center for Politics marked Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, which the organization states Joe Biden won by about 4.5 points, as a toss-up. However, the race now leans Republican according to the new rating. Similarly, North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District switched from “toss-up” to “leans Republican,” giving the GOP another advantage in congressional races.

Furthermore, seats previously marked as “likely Republican” are now considered “safe Republican” in Florida’s 28th, 4th, and 7th Congressional Districts. Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District also became a safe Republican win.

As Republicans managed to make significant strides, Democrats suffered blows as “likely Democratic” races fell back to “leans Democratic” in Colorado’s 7th and Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. Indiana’s 1st Congressional District also became a “toss-up” after previously being a “leans Democratic” race.

In a March poll, Republicans were also leading by stunning 11 points on the congressional ballot as 50 percent of likely U.S. voters expressed they would vote for the GOP if midterms were held today, as previously reported.

House Republicans also saw another record-breaking fundraising quarter, with the National Republican Congressional Committee raising more than $34 million between April and June. The NRCC also raised a stunning $16.5 in June alone, as previously reported.

Axios recently revealed that Democrats have lost ground with nearly every tested demographic group in the nation.

The report stated:

“Republicans are becoming more working class and a little more multiracial. Democrats are becoming more elite and a little more white. Democrats’ hopes for retaining power rest on nonwhite voters remaining a reliable part of the party’s coalition. Democrats’ theory of the case collapses if Republicans make even incremental gains with those voters.”

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