Scott Presler registers voters at New York gas stations

Republican activist Scott Presler led voter registration drives at New York gas stations over the weekend, encouraging unregistered voters and Democrat voters to join the Republican Party.

Presler stated, “I’ve never been so excited about gas in my life,” after successfully registering American citizens for the Republican Party at the gas station. Presler’s latest voter registration campaign uses skyrocketing gas prices to encourage Americans to consider joining the Republican Party to help solve the gas crisis by electing Republican leadership.

Explaining his latest voter registration efforts, Presler said, “We are going to use Joe Biden as a carrot to get people to vote. I can’t think of a more feckless president.”

By talking to frustrated Americans at the gas pump, Presler and his group of Republican activists registered multiple new Republicans at a gas station in New York on Sunday. He tweeted, “Registered voters at a gas station! +10 for the Republican Party in New York.”

Presler’s group held signs reading, “Pain at the Pump? Vote Republican!” and “Feeling the Joe Biden Blues? Vote red!” In a tweet, Presler wrote, “Moms are going to save America,” in response to American moms holding these signs and encouraging people to vote Republican.

“New York voters are strongly opposed to Joe Biden’s gas hike,” Presler added in another tweet on Sunday. Presler’s gas station voter registration appeared to resonate with New York residents suffering under the disastrous energy policies of the Biden administration.

As gas prices continue to soar in response to the ban on Russian oil and the Biden administration’s refusal to unleash America’s potential for energy independence, Americans are growing frustrated at the pump. Presler’s voter registration efforts provide Americans with a way to protest the current administration’s failed policies and support candidates committed to supporting American energy independence.

Presler indicated that Democrats are displeased with Republican efforts to gain momentum at gas stations, saying, “The Democrats are really angry we’re registering voters at gas stations. Bless their hearts.”

After seeing the success of gas station voter registration, Presler stated, “Gas station voter registration is a winner. We are having such tremendous support & need to take this nationwide.”

On March 8, Presler announced his plan to register American voters at gas stations across the nation. This weekend marked the first two days of gas station voter drives in a win for Republicans. Quoting an iconic Trump line, he tweeted images of the successful weekend and said, “Promises made. Promises kept.”

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