Southern border encounters nearly hit 2.5 MILLION in 2022: report

W39J4P us border patrol on the border in Nogales Arizona

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The crisis at the southern border is not getting any better, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have the numbers to prove it. According to their newest report, there have been nearly 2.5 million encounters with illegal migrants at the southwest land border in 2022, up from the 1.7 million recorded encounters in 2021.

The catastrophic conditions at the southern border have worsened since 2021, as millions of international illegal migrants have poured into the United States. Per the CBP, 1,663,278 of those encounters were single adults.

The increase in crime and trafficking at the border has drawn the ire of millions of Americans, particularly among voters who live in border states. President Trump slammed the ongoing chaos and violence propagated by the unresolved issue at the border during a Save America rally in Mesa, Arizona, in October.

Bill Melugin shares an example of how many migrants are freely crossing over the unsecured southern border in 2022.

“The cartels and human traffickers have seen their income skyrocket,” he said.

The president also cautioned Arizonans that if radical left Democrats were to win the upcoming midterm elections in the Grand Canyon State, they would “flood the country with tens of millions of illegal aliens.”

The unsecured southern border has been a massive political focal point this midterm election season, as Trump-endorsed candidates like Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake have promised to end the crisis.

As reported by RSBN, Lake recently spoke out during an “Ask Me Anything” event about the devastating effects of drugs that have poured over the open border. She stated, “It does us no good to fix the homeless crisis and the drug problem. That’s why we have to take a really hard stand on the border, and that’s what we plan to do starting on day one, hour one.”

The Republican State Leadership Committee further shared a statement regarding the ongoing problems at the border on Wednesday, calling it a “massive humanitarian crisis” that “has been caused by the failure of the Biden administration and Democrats, who don’t seem to care who enters our country.”

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