Texas legislature sends sweeping election integrity bill to the governor’s desk

After a long, uphill battle for Republicans across the country, GOP legislators in Texas passed a sweeping election integrity bill that will ensure secure elections across the state. The bill is scheduled to be signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, in the coming days.

According to the Texas Tribune, this bill is poised to ban “drive-thru” voting, ban 24-hour voting, while also boosting regulations for ID when voting by mail. The ban on drive-thru voting stemmed from the 2020 election, while in the midst of the pandemic, voters were able to vote without having to leave their cars. One county in Texas allowed 24-hour voting at some locations; now the designated hours are between 6 a.m and 10 p.m.

In addition to these breakthrough election integrity measures, the bill will also ban distribution of mail-in ballot applications, add a correction process for mail-in voting, improve poll watcher protections, begin monthly citizenship checks, and establish new rules for voter assistance, the outlet reported.

Senate Bill 1 caused a stir that got the attention of the entire nation when Texas Democrats attempted to break quorum and fled to D.C. to protest what they deemed a “controversial” piece of legislation. Abbott threatened their arrest after these Democrats bailed on their oaths and very basic duties as lawmakers – voting.

Voter ID has been a central issue for Republicans across the country due to some states and localities not requiring it. Election integrity has been a controversial issue on both sides of the aisle due to the voting irregularities from the 2020 election. Texas’ latest bill is one of the most wide-ranging pieces of election integrity legislation to be passed since November. The bill will now head to the governor’s desk for signing.

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