Texas WINS big against mask and vaccine mandates

The great state of Texas continues to be a stronghold for individual liberty and medical freedom, thanks to a new decision from a Texas federal judge on Friday to halt Joe Biden’s tyrannical mask and vaccine mandates.

According to court documents shared by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), the court wrote in its decision to halt the mandates that, “It is undisputed that an agency cannot act without Congressional authorization,” and cited unprecedented conditions of employment for the Head Start education program in Texas, which required Head Start staff to be vaccinated and the “near-universal masking of children and adults.”  

This is not the first time Texas has won big against the unconstitutional edicts coming from the Biden administration.

In December, a federal court granted Texas an injunction against vaccine mandates for Medicare and Medicaid employees, as previously reported by RSBN. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton remarked on the victory that, “This is a win for liberty.”

Additionally, in early December, a federal appellate court restored an executive order from Gov. Abbott that halted the ability of schools to mandate masks for their students.

According to the 15-page ruling, the previous pause on the ban from U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel was stayed as the case itself continues to progress through appeals. The ruling was yet another victory for Texas, who has been fighting hard against Biden’s mandates under the leadership of Gov. Abbott.

Friday’s ruling locked in another step toward securing individual liberty and medical choice to Texans.

“Texas just beat Biden again,” Gov. Abbott stated on Twitter. He added that the ruling from the District Court would “apply to all of Biden’s orders.”

For proponents of freedom, this is a monumental ruling that continues to set a precedent that Texas will not back down in their fight against Joe Biden’s tyrannical mandates.  

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