The fake news media falsely claims Truth Social is failing

The mainstream continues to demonstrate its blatant bias against President Trump. This time, they neglect the massive success of Trump’s new social media app, Truth Social.

While it should come as no surprise, considering their fictitious reporting on Trump throughout his presidency, mainstream media outlets attempt to discredit Truth Social’s astronomical impact by reporting that the social media app has plummeted in traffic and signups.

Yet, over one million people were waitlisted on the viral app following high demand in March, as previously reported by RSBN. One person posted a screenshot on Twitter showing that they were #1,201,273 on the waitlist. Only the anti-Trump media could misconstrue that as a failure.

Moreover, Truth Social, the free speech alternative to Twitter, proved to be a hit after it rocketed to number one on the Apple Charts as users rushed onto the platform the moment it launched on Presidents’ Day.

Even if the media’s reporting is factual regarding a drop in users on Truth Social, it will not imply that the platform is a flop. It is unsustainable for any platform to perpetually increase users by the hundreds of thousands.

Despite their narrative, thousands of Americans are still waiting to enter the platform, signaling a continued high demand to join Truth Social.

President Trump’s app’s immense success within just weeks of its launch displays how fed up Americans are with Big Tech’s mission to de-platform any individual who dares to go against the progressive political narrative.

Conservatives have found a new home within Truth Social after witnessing Big Tech’s flagrant censorship of anyone who disagrees with them.

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Make the ConstitutionGreatAgain April 1, 2022 - 11:35 am
I’m number 555,000ish and still waiting to be past the waitlist… It’s now April :(
Julieta April 1, 2022 - 11:35 am
Would have been great for author to mention that Truth Social isn't even available yet for mere mortals on Android. . .
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