Truckers persist despite court order to unblock Ambassador Bridge

The freedom-loving truckers of the Canadian truck convoy are not backing down in the face of government tyranny as they peacefully defy a court order that would force them to end the current blockade on the Ambassador Bridge, which connects the United States and Canadian borders.

According to a report from The Hill, a Canadian judge issued an order for the blockade to end on Friday, but on Saturday, truckers were still blocking the bridge with trucks and vans.

The truckers, who have been blocking the Canadian border and blockading streets around Parliament in Ottawa for the past several weeks, are protesting the tyranny of vaccine mandates for themselves and those entering the country with goods and supplies.

Additionally, Adrian Ghobrial, a reporter for City News, shared a video on Twitter that highlighted the countless people protesting and standing firm at the Ambassador Bridge hours after the court order was issued.

Further, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to meet with protesters, calling them a “fringe minority” and even insinuating that they were racists, as previously reported by RSBN.

However, the truckers have displayed no evidence of violence or racism. In fact, Breitbart News reported that the truckers were not only peaceful, but have been cleaning up the city, throwing away trash and litter, and maintaining a respectful rapport with the Canadian police.

Despite their peaceful nature, footage shared Saturday by Disclose TV showed police moving toward the Ambassador Bridge in an attempt to remove protesters forcibly. According to The Hill’s report, Joe Biden’s administration has reached out to Prime Minister Trudeau and urged him to take federal action to end the blockade at the border.

However, the presence of local Canadian law enforcement moving toward the bridge on Saturday has begged the question: will Canada allow the protesters to continue their peaceful fight against medical tyranny? Either way, Canadian truckers have made it clear that they are not backing down from the battle for freedom.

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Shane February 14, 2022 - 10:39 am
The bridge is open, they all went home. What are you trying to say here?
Allen Weeks February 16, 2022 - 6:12 pm
Lies.....stand strong ..your starting a message that is transpiring around the government including the USA can tell you how to live your life...
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