Trump advances class action lawsuit against Big Tech

President Donald J. Trump released a statement on Tuesday updating Americans on his series of class action lawsuits against Big Tech social media companies.

“The American people, and truth itself, are under attack by Big Tech’s unlawful and Communist-style censorship,” said Trump. “We filed a historic class action lawsuit because every American deserves to have their First Amendment Rights protected, not destroyed by leftist radicals in Silicon Valley.”

Since announcing the lawsuit last month, “over 85,000 stories have been shared by Patriots around the Country who know their voices are being silenced and freedoms restricted-and they have joined the suit.”

Announcing the next move in the case, Trump revealed his team has filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction against the arbitrary suspensions by YouTube and others, the New York Post reported.

“We have continued this effort with the filing of a Motion for Preliminary Injunction. We must fight back. They are destroying our Country,” Trump revealed. “There is nothing more important than our right to free speech.”

President Trump filed a series of class action lawsuits in July accusing social media companies YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook of illegally censoring him. Trump’s accounts with those platforms were suspended after the Jan. 6 breaching of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Trump has filed lawsuits against the three biggest tech companies, arguing that he and other conservatives have been wrongfully censored. The suits ask that the court award for damages, restore Trump’s and other plaintiffs’ accounts, and repeal Section 230, which grants social media platforms the right to remove posts that are obscene or violate the service’s standards in “good faith.”

RSBN will provide updates regarding President Trump’s class action lawsuits towards Big Tech social media companies.

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Hope Kackley September 16, 2021 - 3:56 pm
Trying to find out if I can join the class action law suit.
Susan Kallenbach September 24, 2021 - 10:59 am
I want to join class action lawsuits for censoring not only my personal account, but also my business account, where I have never posted anything political. I need my business account to promote my race horses.
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