Trump assuages fears of weary Americans: ‘WE WILL SAVE THE DAY’

President Donald Trump offered words of hope during Saturday night’s Save America rally in Warren, Michigan, promising rallygoers that despite the dire state of the nation’s economic woes and foreign affairs, “…WE WILL SAVE THE DAY!”

Trump traveled to Michigan on Saturday to support his endorsed candidates in Michigan, including GOP gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon, attorney general nominee Matt DePerno, and nominee for secretary of state Kristina Karamo.

The 45th president encouraged the crowd to vote Republican to save the American dream. “I don’t think you have a choice,” Trump added. “…This is so bad between what’s happened to our military, what’s happened to our border…you may not recover…BUT WE WILL SAVE THE DAY!”

The crowd applauded Trump’s statement with raucous cheers of support.

The president also brought attention to the woes of Michigan state, pointing out that crime had risen catastrophically, particularly in the carjacking department. Trump said that carjacking was up by “764 percent” in Michigan.

“If the radical Democrats keep their grip on the House and the Senate, the situation will only get worse,” Trump reminded the crowd.

His remarks in Michigan came just days after Hurricane Ian descended upon Florida, causing destruction the likes of which the state has not experienced in years. Sending his sympathies, the 45th president had a message for Floridians: “Just please know our hearts are with you.”

President Trump gives opening remarks at his rally in Michigan.

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