Trump attacks Tim Ryan on issue of gruesome late-term abortions

President Trump relentlessly attacked Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, during a Saturday night rally in Youngstown, Ohio, particularly going after him on the issue of abortion.

“He voted three times to support taxpayer-funded extreme late-term abortion,” Trump told the crowd, “ripping babies from the mother’s womb right up to the…moment of birth.”

In remarks delivered to Ohio supporters, Trump stumped for his endorsed candidate and GOP Senate nominee, J.D. Vance, slamming his Democrat opponent.

Trump additionally drew attention to late-term abortion procedures where babies are put aside after they are born, where they “essentially execute the baby.” He called the practice “radical” and reminded rallygoers that the issue of abortion had been returned to the states with the overturning of Roe v. Wade earlier this year.

“The states are gonna do the right thing,” Trump said, “and everybody wants it [states deciding their stance on abortion], including Ruth Bader Ginsburg…and the Republicans have to get smart with that issue.”

He added that it was “very, very positive” that the abortion issue had been handed over to the sovereign states.

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