Trump delivers powerful remarks at Heritage Foundation event: ‘The radical left will lose’

President Donald J. Trump delivered powerful and, at times, somber remarks at the Heritage Foundation’s Annual Leadership Conference in Amelia Island, Florida, on Thursday night. Notably, he promised the audience, “The radical left will lose and we will win bigger than anyone thought possible.”

President Trump offered encouragement and inspiration in a speech that slammed Joe Biden’s weak policies, hyperinflation, and the dire state of American education.

“Our founding documents are not a source of shame – [they are] a source of pride, great pride,” he said.

Trump added, “In America, the people don’t answer to the politicians; the politicians answer to the people.” The 45th president also slammed censorship in America, citing Big Tech’s suppression of free speech.

“The lifeblood of a free society is free speech,” he said. Trump continued that the MAGA platform believes that “economic security is national security.” 

Trump decried the radical “indoctrination” of American children in the classroom, eviscerating the implementation of critical race theory and discussions of gender identity in schools.

“Our children are being indoctrinated with wicked, anti-American ideologies and demented left win gender theories,” he said. 

The 45th president teased potential upcoming Republican victories at the ballot box as midterm elections heat up, occasionally hinting at taking back the White House in 2024. However, he has not formally announced whether or not he will be running for president again.

He remarked, “Our theme was ‘Make America Great Again,’ and I believe it was the most successful theme in the history of our country and maybe in the history of the world.” 

Trump wrapped up the night on an encouraging note, reflecting on his administration’s accomplishments and the bright future ahead if Americans are willing to fight for their freedoms.

“We saved our country, and together, we swear that we will save our country again because our country is going to hell,” he said. 

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