Trump draws attention to border crisis: ‘Securing our streets also includes securing our borders’

President Trump delivered a knockout blow to Joe Biden’s destructive open border crisis during remarks made at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday. “One of the worst lies of the radical left is that Hispanic Americans want open borders,” he said, drawing boos directed toward the leftist narrative.

President Trump reflected on his time in the White House, telling the crowd that he was told that if he talked about building a border wall, he would “lose the Hispanic American vote.”

Of course, that was not the case. “We had the best numbers along the border – we had the best numbers for Hispanic Americans that anybody’s ever even imagined,” he said.

The president continued, pointing out that the Hispanic community in the U.S. wants drug-free communities. He commented, “Two years ago, we had the strongest border in American history, now I believe we have the weakest border anywhere in the world.”

Trump addresses the issue of drug trafficking and human trafficking in the U.S, which is heavily facilitated by open border policies.

Trump railed on the sheer number of illegal migrants flooding American’s open borders, stating that he believed that this year, 10 to 12 million people would arrive in the U.S.

“We have millions and millions [of people coming in], and nobody has a clue where the hell they’re coming from!” he stated.

Trump added, “Hispanic Americans understand that there’s nothing compassionate about empowering human traffickers and child smugglers who extort, rape, and abuse and even sell migrants into slavery.”

Trump’s keynote speech was delivered to a crowd of eager supporters on Wednesday in a quiet and solemn setting, allowing the president to dig in deep to multiple topics ranging from Biden’s disastrous border policies to the price of gas and oil.

In terms of the border, Trump concluded, “There is nothing virtuous about surrendering America’s borders to transnational gangs and murderers and criminal cartels…”

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