Trump has special message for imprisoned Jan. 6 defendants: ‘We’re going to stop it’

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President Donald Trump delivered a special message this week for those who are being held in prison because of their alleged involvement in the events surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol “riots” of 2021.

“People have been treated unconstitutionally, in my opinion and very, very unfairly,” Trump said in a new video shared on social media.

“And we’re gonna get to the bottom of it,” he continued. “And you know what I’ve said – I take it very seriously. I have never seen anything like it at all levels. It’s the weaponization of the Department of Justice and we can’t let this happen in our country, because our country is going – not socialist, because they’ve skipped over that…our country is going communist. This is what happens, and we can’t let it happen.”

He added, “We have to stop it.”

This is not the first time that President Trump has spoken out about the plight of the Jan. 6 political prisoners. During a rally earlier this year in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Trump called the imprisonment of the protesters: “Two levels of justice…no justice. It’s the opposite of justice.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has also been quick to defend the 45th president on the issue of the Jan. 6 protesters who are being held in prison for an extended period of time.

“Anyone claiming that President Trump is doing nothing for pre-trial January 6 defendants is either lying, clueless, or wants to hurt him,” she wrote on Truth Social. “He has said over and over at practically every single rally that he will pardon January 6 defendants when he becomes president again.”

She went on, “…J6 defendants are rotting away in jail and being abused and treated like political prisoners by Democrats. It’s horrific. I’m one of the only two members of Congress that has been in the DC jail and seen these J6 defendants with my own eyes…After I toured the DC jail, we created a report and published it on my Congressional website for all to read. It’s called Unusually Cruel. President Trump read my report and took great interest in how badly the pre-trial J6 defendants are treated. He didn’t know until then.”

The ongoing imprisonment of the “J6 defendants” has been largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

“So, I want to thank everybody for working so hard – I know how hard you’re working to get justice for people that are in prison right now and people who are being tormented,” President Trump concluded in his statement. “We can’t let it happen. We’re going to stop it. We’re going to win – thank you all very much.”

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