Trump heralds future WIN: ‘We’re going to have the greatest victory of them all’

2ABHJXK Sunrise, USA. 26th Nov, 2019. President Donald J Trump at the 2020 Keep America Great Rally at the BB&T Center on November 26 2019 in Sunrise, Florida. Credit: The Photo Access/Alamy Live News

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump declared a future victory for the United States in his remarks delivered during his first major 2024 campaign rally in Waco, Texas, noting that “in 2024 we’re going to have the greatest victory of them all!”

Trump also touched on the ongoing political abuse that he has endured since initially running for president in 2016, reminding Americans, “When they’re going after me, they’re going after you.”

“So, they’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you and I’m just standing in their way…and eventually I won’t have to stand in their way because in 2024 we’re going to have the greatest victory of them all!” he declared.

The crowd cheered their support for President Trump, occasionally breaking into chants of “USA!” and “WE LOVE TRUMP!”

The president pointed out that although the election of 2020 was “devastating for the psyche” of the country, a 2024 victory would be “bigger than if we had done it in 20’ because we have learned how this other side and how these policies don’t work.

He concluded that in 2016, “I stepped up to fight for America because no one else would do it or would do it properly.”

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