Trump LEADS 2024 Republican primary by nearly 60 points, poll suggests

President Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party as he leads by double-digits in a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary, a new poll suggests.

According to the latest Havard/Harris Poll, which surveyed 1,989 registered voters, Trump would win the Republican presidential primary for 2024 by a landslide if the election were held today.

When asked which GOP candidate Republican voters would vote for, an outstanding 67 percent said Trump. The runner-up was former Vice President Mike Pence with nine percent, and in third, came Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with eight percent.

However, when asked the same question without Trump as an option, most Republican voters favored Gov. DeSantis (30 percent) over Pence (25 percent).

When Democrat voters were asked a similar question, Joe Biden was favored by far, but did not have support of the majority. Biden received 36 percent support, with runner-up Kamala Harris receiving only 16 percent.

Furthermore, most voters continue to favor Trump over Biden. When asked who has been a better president between the two, Trump received majority support at 52 percent, while Biden lagged at 48 percent.

Trump has yet to officially announce his presidential bid for 2024. If Trump decides to run, he would easily clinch the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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