Trump looks to 2024: ‘The Polls are really strong’

2JW5NAN Former U.S. president Donald Trump speaks in support of candidates Doug Mastriano and Mehmet Oz during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S., September 3, 2022. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

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President Trump’s popularity with American voters has not waned since leaving office. As a 2024 presidential bid now officially looms on the horizon, his strength in the polls is stronger than ever.

“The Polls are really strong, especially since Tuesday’s announcement, hence the appointment of a Radical Left Prosecutor, who is totally controlled by President Obama and his former A.G., Eric Holder,” Trump wrote on Truth Social last week.

The president was likely referring to Jack Smith, a longtime prosecutor appointed to oversee the Justice Department’s investigation into Trump himself, at the behest of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, per Fox News.

“This is not Justice,” Trump continued, “this is just another Witch Hunt, and a very dangerous one at that! No way this Scam should be allowed to go forward!”

President Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency again in 2024 last week in a speech delivered at his home, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida. “We will shatter the forces of tyranny,” he told the audience.

Since Tuesday’s announcement, the media has quickly attempted to pit Trump against a slate of potential conservative rivals ahead of the 2024 primary battlefield. However, the 45th president easily stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

A new 2024 National Republican Primary poll from Politico/Morning Consult, for example, found that Trump garnered 47 percent of the Republican and Republican-leaning vote against Gov. Ron DeSantis’s, R-Fla., 33 percent.

The same poll found that in a presidential election matchup, President Donald Trump would still win 44 percent of the vote against Joe Biden’s 42 percent.

It is still early in the presidential campaign game, and Trump has yet to announce who will be his running mate in 2024. It is unclear if Joe Biden will run for reelection or if the Democrat Party will pit a new candidate against Trump.

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