Trump praises ‘patriot’ Tudor Dixon: ‘She represents the values’ of Michiganders

President Donald J. Trump praised Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon Saturday moments before he walked onstage to address supporters attending his Save America rally.

“She’s a great woman – a great person [with a] fantastic family,” Trump said of Dixon in an interview with RSBN.

He continued, “She represents the values of the people from Michigan, and [their] governor’s done a very poor job, as you know. We’ve lost a lot of businesses in Michigan; they’ve lost a lot of jobs in Michigan; I think Tudor’s going to do very well.”

The president has frequently expressed his disapproval of Michigan’s current Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, including during Saturday’s rally in Warren, encouraging his supporters to “swamp” her and her fellow Democrats at the polls.

Ripping Whitmer for her restrictive and controversial Covid lockdown mandates, Trump described the governor as “one of the most radical, most sinister governors in America.” 

Conversely, the president called Dixon a “patriot” who would defend Michiganders’ values, stating, “Michigan, you need to dump this wild-eyed extremist Gretchen Whitmer and put Tudor Dixon in the governor’s mansion.”

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