Trump predicts Kari Lake will WIN Arizona governor’s race

During an exclusive interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn which aired Thursday night, President Donald Trump said he believes Republican candidate Kari Lake is going to win Arizona’s gubernatorial race in the 2022 midterm elections.

When Mr. Glenn mentioned Kari Lake, Trump said, “She’s doing great in Arizona. I think she’s gonna win big.” Describing his endorsed candidate in Arizona, Trump said, “She’s fantastic.” He also added, “She love the people, loves the state.”

The 45th president’s continued support of Kari Lake helps give her campaign the advantage it needs to compete against other Republican candidates during the Arizona primaries.

President Trump told Mr. Glenn that Lake wants “law and order” in Arizona. Specifically, he said, “She wants border protection and drug protection.” Kari Lake has even promised the people of Arizona that she will finish the Arizona border wall with “Arizona steel” if she is elected governor.

When President Trump endorsed Kari Lake in September, he stated, “She is a fantastic person who spent many years working as a highly respected television anchor and journalist.”

Because of her experience in journalism, Trump believes she is in a strong position to “take on the Fake News Media.” Her experience will likely giver her an edge over other candidates who are not as familiar with how the news media operates.

Trump also said that Kari Lake will vastly outperform the current governor of Arizona. “She will do a far better job that RINO Governor Doug Ducey-won’t even be a contest,” said Trump.

As the state of Arizona has been scrutinized regarding the issue of election integrity in the 2020 election, conservatives are eager for a stronger Republican governor. Kari Lake represents this hope for conservatives and supporters of the 45th president.

Kari Lake’s poll numbers have shown a major lead over Republicans in the Arizona primary race for the Republican nominee.

If the race were held today, Kari Lake would face off against Democrat Katie Hobbs. Katie Hobbs is the current Secretary of State for Arizona, giving her instant name recognition for residents in Arizona. However, after 22 years at a news station in Phoenix, Kari Lake is also extremely popular among the people of Arizona, giving her a strong chance to become the next governor of Arizona.

Kari Lake was be featured in an exclusive interview in RSBN’s “Year in Review,” giving conservatives an opportunity to hear her campaign message as she seeks to replace Governor Doug Ducey as the next Republican governor of Arizona. A victory for Kari Lake in Arizona would signal a return to America first policies in a state currently run by a “weak” Republican governor.

Lake’s full interview on RSBN is available HERE.

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