Trump rips ‘CROOKED REPORTERS,’ takes a swing at Jan. 6 subpoena

President Donald Trump was fired up in Robstown, Texas, on Saturday night while delivering powerful remarks to a huge audience of supporters ahead of November’s midterm elections.

The 45th president ripped the mainstream media for their duplicitous treatment of those who had the guts to talk about evidence of election fraud in 2020. “And the facts are all there…And that’s the problem that we have with our country right now because the fake news will not even talk about it,” he said.

He added, “…If you’re an anchor and you know it’s right and you talk about it – you lose your job; you get fired. It’s a disgrace.”

“If you want to save your rights and liberties,” he continued, “you have to start by dealing a crushing rebuke to the radical left maniacs that we’re dealing with in this election. These are maniacs.”

Trump preceded his comments by acknowledging the official subpoena he received from the Jan. 6 Committee on Friday, joking, “If we fly over a Democrat state, we get a grand jury subpoena.”

He also pointed out that, after “six straight years” of witch hunts, hoaxes, and abuses, they have found nothing that would incriminate him. “They found that I, like you, am a great patriot – that’s what they find.”

He ended his comments toward the media corruption by taking a jab at mainstream journalists who refused to report that his Democrat opponents spied on his campaign, “including, for a period of time, when he [Trump] was in the White House.”

“That’s the biggest story of our time, and these crooked reporters don’t even want to talk about it,” he chided.

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