Trump says he’s ‘proud’ to be the ‘ANTI-MANDATE president’

At a supercharged and hotly anticipated Save America Rally in Florence, Ariz., on Saturday, President Trump ripped Joe Biden for his tyrannical vaccine mandates, telling an energetic crowd that he was, “Proud that I was the ANTI-MANDATE president…I fiercely resisted mandates of any kind!”

President Trump continued in his comments, mocking Joe Biden for his confused press conferences and statements. “Leave us the hell alone,” Trump declared. “Tell Joe Biden, our medical choices are none of his business!”

Joe Biden, of course, has been met with harsh resistance in his medical edicts, and on Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down his vaccine mandate for private businesses. “I fiercely resisted mandates and I always will,” Trump added. “We have therapeutics that are so powerful and so good. Some people would call them cures.”

Trump also brought up antibodies and antibody testing, touting his own administration’s testing at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “We did an incredible job in testing,” he said.

Additionally, Trump brought up the fact that there were “four times more Covid cases” now than when he was in office, pointing out that Joe Biden fallaciously promised to eradicate the coronavirus…and has clearly failed. “Biden has utterly humiliated our nation on the world stage,” he added.

When Trump spoke to the crowd about the malicious nature of Joe Biden’s medical mandates, the audience went wild, cheering their support. He also slammed Biden’s administration for “forcing innocent children to grow up in masks.”

He concluded, “Enough is enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

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