Trump slams Nancy Pelosi over Taiwan debacle: ‘She played right into their hands’

President Donald Trump was in fine form on Saturday while delivering the keynote speech in Dallas, Texas, at CPAC. He slammed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for her decision to fly to Taiwan and draw the ire of China.

“What was she doing in Taiwan?” Trump asked. “Everything she touches turns to…BAD. I don’t want to say it,” he joked.

He added, “The woman brings chaos and that’s exactly what’s happening…She played right into their hands because now they have an excuse to do whatever they’re doing and I will tell you: it would have never, ever happened in a million years under Trump – I can tell you that!”

Earlier this month, Trump ripped Pelosi for her actions. Her move to fly to Taiwan previously drew a swift threat from a Chinese propagandist who stated that if Pelosi’s aircraft entered Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army would have the “right” to “shoot” down her plane.

President Trump stated that Pelosi would “only make things worse” in a statement posted to Truth Social.

The 45th president added at CPAC, “We played right into their hands but we will save our nation, and American power, prosperity, and prestige will come back and it’ll come back strongly. Victory cannot come a moment too soon.”

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