Trump SUES New York attorney general: ‘Extraordinary wrongdoing requires extraordinary relief’

2K1DYN6 Former U.S. president Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, U.S., September 17, 2022. REUTERS/Gaelen Morse

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President Trump made a bold countermove this week in the ongoing legal skirmish between himself and “corrupt” New York Attorney General Letitia James, filing a lawsuit in the Florida State Circuit Court to take her to task on constant legal attacks against himself and his family.

“Today, I filed a lawsuit in Florida State Circuit Court against the corrupt attorney general of New York State, Letitia “Peekaboo” James,” Trump wrote in a statement. “New York State is one of the most crime-ridden places on earth with murders, robberies, drug deals, and every other form of crime setting records on a weekly basis. While James does nothing to protect New York against these violent crimes and criminals, she attacks great and upstanding businesses…”

Trump’s full statement regarding the lawsuit

Trump’s lawsuit is a response to James’ civil fraud lawsuit against himself, three of his adult children, and the Trump Organization. Per RSBN, James is seeking a minimum of $250 million for alleged “fraudulent” business dealings.

However, James has been lambasted for her personal distaste for Trump, and her legal attacks on the president have drawn his criticism for smacking of political weaponization:

“…If I were not elected President of the United States, and now leading in the polls by substantial margins against both Democrats and Republicans, this would not be happening. We have to stand up for our Country, fight against illegal persecution, and Make America Great Again!”

Trump’s lawsuit also stated the following:

“Extraordinary wrongdoing requires extraordinary relief. As set forth below, James has repeatedly abused her position as Attorney General for the State of New York to pursue a relentless, pernicious, public, and unapologetic crusade against President Trump, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, with the stated goal of destroying him personally, financially, and politically. Suffice it to say that these actions are contrary to both the laws of New York and Florida.”

The filing further pointed out that James had waged a “war of intimidation and harassment on President Trump, his family, his business interesting, and his associates” and that her promise of launching investigations against the 45th president took place “before even the pretext of a predicate existed.”

“In truth, James knows that no restitution is owed but seeks only attention for herself and retribution against President Trump,” the filing added.

In the president’s statement regarding the lawsuit, he also called James “crooked and highly partisan.”

Trump’s move to sue James comes just days before hotly anticipated midterm election races and amid the president’s busy schedule of rallying across the nation for a lineup of endorsed America First candidates.

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