Trump: ‘The MAGA Movement is BIGGER and STRONGER than ever’

President Donald Trump shared his excitement in yet another email statement related to the Virginia electoral race that has not only called Glenn Youngkin as the Governor-elect of Virginia, but also a Republican Lt. Governor and a Republican Attorney General within the state.

“I would like to thank my BASE for coming out in force and voting for Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he would have not been close to winning,” Trump said.

“The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before. Glenn will be a great governor,” Trump added.

The 45th President concluded his remarks thanking the people of “the Commonwealth of Virginia but especially the ” incredible MAGA voters!”

The move has Republicans gleaming as Virginia’s race proves indicative of what could be a “red wave” GOP stronghold in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

President Trump endorsed Governor-elect Youngkin earlier this week, predicting the fruitful win due to what he calls his “base”.

In a tremendous upset, Virginia flipped red as Glenn Youngkin is declared the rightful winner of the Commonwealth state.

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