Truth Social is officially available to ALL U.S.-based users

2HB9KTE Truth Social website by Trump Media & Technology Group TMTG © Wojciech Strozyk / Alamy Stock Photo

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The number one free speech social media platform is officially available to all U.S.-based users after Truth Social announced it expanded to the Google Play store for Android users.

President Donald Trump’s rapidly growing social platform has achieved numerous milestones just months after its official launch.

On Wednesday, the company announced it would expand its services to Andriod users and directed supporters to pre-order the app in the Google Play Store, RSBN reported.

Since its Presidents’ Day launch, Truth Social has branched out large and wide to provide all freedom of speech supporters access to the platform.

In May, the company introduced the Truth Social web app, allowing anyone in the U.S. to join the platform from any device.

Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes hinted the platform would “open up to the entire web with a web app, which is going to be very exciting because we already have a very growing and vibrant community – it’s a lot of fun being on our platform.”

The platform also became available to users beyond U.S. borders. It established a presence in the United Kingdom, which Nunes believes would be a “great place to get established” as an international brand.

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