Truth Social’s new update introduces streamlined features

Truth Social app logo seen on the smartphone and blurred flag of America on the background. New social media platform from Donald Trump. Stafford, United Kingdom, October 24, 2021.

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Truth Social has continued to grow its platform in fresh and exciting ways as its latest update has introduced a slate of brand-new features.

President Trump’s platform now offers the option for users to “Quote Truth,” instead of just “ReTruthing,” allowing users to add their own thoughts or commentary to other posts on the site.

“Quote Truths are here!” Truth Social’s official account shared on Friday. “For those moments when a ReTruth is just not enough, now you can add a comment to your ReTruth, giving you another way of engaging with other users. We hope you all enjoy, and are eager to release more new features in the coming weeks. Happy Truthing!”

Additionally, the platform now offers a streamlined activity center, where users can see their newest followers, as well as who has “liked” or “ReTruthed” their own posts.

Truth Social rocketed to number one in the Apple App Store when it launched in February, and quickly snagged the top spot in the store again in April, edging out Twitter.

In May, Truth Social also launched a web-based app, allowing users broader access to the platform. Previously, the social media site was available only to those who had iOS devices. The company is rapidly developing an app for Androids, as well.

Truth Social has further recently introduced “Trends” on their platform, which allows users to see which topics of conversation are hot and popular in the online community.

The free-speech social media platform has experienced tremendous success over the past few months. “I think it’s hot as a pistol,” Trump remarked during a recent interview with Lou Dobbs. “…I think it’s better than Twitter with all its bots and its fake accounts.”

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