U.S. Energy Dept admits Covid likely came from a lab leak

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The United States Department of Energy made waves recently by releasing a classified intelligence report that admitted that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) likely originated from a laboratory leak that could be traced to China, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

The news comes amid years of speculation and evidence that pointed to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and its connection to the study of the Covid virus.

The House Committee on Accountability and Oversight reacted to the report with a tweet:

“More evidence continues to mount that COVID came from the Wuhan lab. We’ve uncovered emails showing Dr. Fauci was warned that the virus looked man-made & came from a lab, but he may have acted to cover it up. Why? We need answers & accountability.”

Via WSJ, the Energy Department has now posited that the Covid virus was likely leaked from a lab in their report, which was given to the White House and several members of U.S. Congress.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Mo., who formerly served as the Missouri State Attorney General, commented on the new information on social media. “Fauci knew this immediately but dismissed it because of funding for the Wuhan lab. We know what happened next — when Fauci spoke Big Tech censored. I exposed this collusion as AG and I’ll work to ensure this type of censorship never happens again.”

In August 2021, Foreign Ministry Director General Fu Cong and the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin deflected from a 90-day review of the origins of Covid conducted by the United States, threatening a “counter attack” on America if the U.S. officially accused China of being responsible for an alleged laboratory leak.

According to the recent WSJ report, the National Intelligence Council, along with four other unidentified agencies, believe that it is possible that the virus could have also originated through natural transmission from an animal to a human.

Emerald Robinson, the host of “The Absolute Truth,” commented on Twitter that the debate about the origins of Covid (a laboratory leak vs. natural transmission event) was a potential distraction from something allegedly much worse.

“America’s intelligence agencies want you permanently stuck in the Wuhan ‘lab leak vs. wet market debate because it excludes the most likely possibility: COVID was a planned operation to undermine the Trump Administration,” she wrote. “It didn’t ‘leak.’ It was released.”

“There’s a mountain of evidence to support this theory,” she continued.

She posted the following video to back up her claim:

In 2020, President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that the emergence of the Covid virus in the city of Wuhan in December 2019 and the subsequent pandemic that swept across America mere months later was “the worst attack we’ve ever had on our country.”

Via BBC, he stated: “This is worse than Pearl Harbor, this is worse than the World Trade Center. There’s never been an attack like this. And it should have never happened. Could’ve been stopped at the source. Could’ve been stopped in China. It should’ve been stopped right at the source. And it wasn’t.”

He added that he viewed Covid as an “invisible enemy” linked to Chinese aggression. “I view the invisible enemy as a war,” he said. “I don’t like how it got here, because it could have been stopped, but no, I view the invisible enemy like a war.”

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