What happened last night? Reports of rampant FRAUD and ballot issues abound

2KD77A1 Workers collect voters' ballots from a full Maricopa County Official Ballot Drop Box in Mesa, Arizona, U.S., November 5, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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As expected, the nation was fraught with reports of rampant election fraud and voting issues on Tuesday’s Election Day, beginning with chaos in Maricopa County, Arizona.

As reported by RSBN, Maricopa County voting machines reportedly malfunctioned on Tuesday, resulting in voters being turned away from the polls. Further, President Trump also pointed out that in Detroit, Michigan, voters were reportedly being told that they had “already voted” when they arrived at their respective polling places, adding to the insanity of mail-in ballot confusion.

Following the egregious mismanagement of voting machines in Maricopa County, Breaking 911 reported that an Arizona judge ruled to close the polls at 7:00 p.m., despite a lawsuit from GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake, U.S. Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters, and the RNC, to push the deadline to 10:00 p.m. because of problems voters experienced at the beginning of the day.

What makes matters even more suspicious is the meticulous groundwork laid by the legacy media to prepare Americans for the projected elongated vote-counting times. “Election officials in Nevada say that they have been flooded by thousands of mail-in ballots, and that it may take several days to count the votes and upload the results,” the New York Times reported on Twitter.

For example, USA Today “fact checked” the supposed normalcy of this phenomenon the day before the election, claiming that “ballot counting has never been completed on Election Day in any state at any point in the nation’s history.”

Another mainstream outlet, NBC, also reported that election officials were “reminding voters that it’s normal for it to take days or even weeks to know the outcome” of Election Day races.

However, most Americans are old enough to remember when races were called on election night, with the majority of precincts reporting.

Unsurprisingly, the crux of the issue seems to center on mail-in ballots, which allegedly take “days” or even “weeks” to count properly, and pose many vexing problems for election officials in terms of deducing ballots’ authenticity in many states. Dinesh D’Souza’s hit documentary, “2000 Mules” even touched on this issue, with True the Vote providing evidence of a nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy designed to flood the system with fraudulent, Democrat ballots.

Per RSBN: “Using geotracking, True the Vote was able to identify a staggering number of ballot traffickers delivering illegal ballots in swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.”

Prominent conservative commentator Rogan O’Handley summed up the overarching issue on Truth Social:

“Florida banned mass mail-in ballots, banned ballot harvesting, requires voter ID, and Gov. DeSantis created an election police force[.] Florida also just had historic win margins across the state for Republicans, while Democrats somehow won close races elsewhere across America during a horrific economy[.] Do the math[.]”

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