WinRed secures over $400 million for Republican candidates in 2021

Money pile

The Republican online fundraising platform WinRed hauled in $146 million in the third quarter, totaling about $401 million in 2021 for GOP candidates running in upcoming midterm elections.

WinRed revealed details on its latest haul which saw $23.8 million go to “State & Local candidates,” and $60.5 million came from first-time donors to campaigns.

With the opportunity that Republicans have to take back the House of Representatives, the $15 million increase in funds from the second to the third quarter signifies growing momentum for the GOP.

“Up and down the ballot, WinRed continues to exceed expectations and deliver real results for campaigns and committees across the country. Ahead of the 2022 election, WinRed is putting the GOP on the right path to raise more money than ever before,” WinRed President Gerrit Lansing said in a statement, according to Fox News.

Though the Democrat fundraising platform, ActBlue, is expected to outpace WinRed, the GOP is still hopeful due to their fast success. While WinRed has brought in $2.5 billion since its start in 2019, ActBlue took 14 years to reach the same cumulative dollar amount for Democratic candidates, the outlet added.

Included in the $146 million gross, WinRed raised a whopping $60.5 million from first-time donors.

Both the quick success and impressive total of the GOP fundraising platform suggests Republicans may be on the road to “win red” seats back in 2022 as GOP candidates continue to rise in popularity.

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